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Chocolate Chip Brownie

Chocolate Chip Brownie

  • 20g Protein Per Brownie 
  • 246 Kcal Per Brownie
  • Low Sugar 
  • 12 Brownies Per Box 
Price: AED119.00

SCI-MX Chocolate Chip Protein Brownie 12 x 65g

Eating a high protein, healthy diet is tough at the best of times, so having a nutritious alternative to carry around with you is a real treat, this time in the form of our soft-baked, smooth chocolate Chip brownie. Our indulgent, high-protein brownies are a must for any chocoholic and are individually baked, low in sugar and contain 20g of protein per 65g bar (30% of the total mass). if you're looking to get some top-quality protein while dropping some carbs, sink your teeth into our SCI-MX Brownie - it's a delicious, convenient way of packing in some fibre and protein to help you feel fuller for longer.

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