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Grenade Oreo Protein Bar

Grenade Oreo Protein Bar

  • 21g Protein Per Bar 
  • 233 Kcal Per Bar 
  • 1g Sugar Per Bar 
  • Made With Real Oreo Pieces
WAS: AED149.00
Saving: 34% NOW: AED99.00

Grenade Oreo Protein Bar 12 x 60g 

The Grenade Oreo Protein Bar is the world's first protein bar made with real Oreo pieces. It combines the UK's favourite protein bar brand with the number one cookie brand in the world, Oreo.

This collaboration features a crème layer flavoured with genuine Oreo vanilla filling and a nougaty centre loaded with authentic Oreo cocoa.

The whole bar then comes wrapped in Grenade’s signature low-sugar milk chocolate and an added topping of real Oreo pieces which have been exclusively developed by the masterminds at Oreo to maintain Grenade's low-sugar commitment. 

Don't worry, Grenade hasn't forgotten its roots, this bar still commands a hefty 21-grams of milk proteins, just a single gram of sugar from 20-grams of carbs and only 10-grams of total fats.

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