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Protein Mars Xtra Choc 6 Pack

Protein Mars Xtra Choc 6 Pack

  • 18g Protein
  • Just 188 Calories
  • Limited Edition
Price: AED99.00

Protein Mars Xtra Choc 6 Bars

Introducing the Mars Xtra Choc Protein Bar – a high protein bar with an oozy chocolate flavoured caramel layer and lashings of scrumptious milk chocolate for added yumminess...

Better yet, this delicious protein bar is packing a serious amount of your favourite muscle building, muscle maintaining, muscle growing macro with a whole +18g of protein per serving!

PLUS, it has just:

  • 4.2g fat
  • 8.2g sugar
  • 188 calories

 Oh, and did we mention it tastes EXACTLY like a regular, naughty, sugar laden Mars Bar but with 76% LESS SUGAR?!

Seriously – it’ll have your taste buds and your muscles dancing with joy…

Ideal as a tasty snack to keep you energised and pumped throughout the day or as a post workout bite, this is one protein bar you will look forward to munching – delish!

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See Individual Listing

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