10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bodybuilders You Did Not Know

On the journey to become the best bodybuilder you possibly can be it’s always good to learn something new every day. With endless hours spent on researching bodybuilding and bodybuilding behavior I have found 10 Mind Blowing facts you probably did not know.

Bodybuilders are more insecure than other people

Yes you heard it right, the ripped 250 lbs monster who deadlifts 500lbs for reps in the gym is probably very insecure about himself and does not have anything to show but his insanely ripped and strong body. Of course this does not apply to all but I have seen many huge bodybuilders that have low confidence and are insecure.

37% of Bodybuilders skip leg day

It has been scientifically researched that many bodybuilders lie about training legs, and when I am talking about training legs I am referring to heavy sets in the squat, a grueling leg press and an almost vomit walking dumbbell lunges. If you end your arm workout with 3 light sets of leg extension you are not training legs.

78% Steroid users won’t admit using them

A very high percentage of steroid users claim to be natural, the reason for that being is that many of them are not confident enough with the size and shreddness of their body so they claim natural until they have reached a sudden point were they are impressive enough to justify their use of steroids.

Bodybuilders lie about women

It has been researched from time and time again that bodybuilders are the biggest liers when it comes down to how many women they have been with. The reason for that is that they feel like they should be getting girls easily as drinking water because they have a ripped physique,  but the reality of that is that it’s just not that simple for some bodybuilders.

Bodybuilders spend 69% on gym/diet stuff

It has been surveyed many times what bodybuilders spend their money on and the most of the times the majority of their money goes to  supplements, food, gym wear, gym membership, drugs etc. Bodybuilding can be an expensive sport especially if you are using drugs.

Bodybuilders lie about their bench press max

When an average person that knows nothing about training or diet asks a bodybuilder a question it is almost always the boring question about the bench press max. It has been scientifically researched that bodybuilders add 20% to their current bench press max when someone asks those that question. It is a natural response and accepted in the bodybuilding community.

People that post frequently pictures from the gym or their diet are lazy bastards

Just think about it , personally I eat about 4 meals a day and majority of those meals are fish, steak, chicken etc. It’s normal for me to eat that way and for many other bodybuilders it is just daily routine. So when you see a guy who posts a picture of his chicken breast on social media you know that it’s a special thing for him to eat chicken breast why doesn’t he post a picture of the other meals he eats?, why would you post a picture of something that you do every day and is not something special? , same thing goes for the gym, people posting pictures from the gym do probably not go to the gym often, that’s why they have to advertise it to the world when they finally get a workout in, so they can continue on pretending to be fitness freaks.

Bodybuilding is simple

Complex training programs all over the web that promise results never seen before are a thing you see daily. Bodybuilding is a quite simple sport, may not if you are competitive pro bodybuilder. But if you are a bro striving to be big and shredded it is very simple. You don’t need the complex diet and training program, do the basic lifts with proper form, eat healthy, do cardio. You will be surprised how well it works if done correctly and consistently over a long period of time.( I can confirm)

89% of Bodybuilders love nothing more than compliments about their physique

If you compliment a bodybuilder on his physique something like:” wow bro you have been putting on some serious size” It will probably make his week. He will think about this compliment smiling all week and be more motivated to get his physique to the next level.

For best results in chest gains train the chest on Mondays (scientifically proven)

From time after time again science has proven that the best results for chest gains are if you train your chest on Mondays. The reason for that being is that after the weekend you are well rested and therefore your body will be more ready to cope with a grueling workout on a Monday when energy levels are high.

The source: BroScience.co


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