Double Chocolate- Double Joy!

Hi, dear readers! Today we are going to inform you one of our clients’ favorite product Carb Killa Biscuit.

Carb Killa Biscuit is considered to be latest product of Grennade family. Why is this biscuit so delicious and most loved? The answer is connected with not only it is typically crispy a traditional UK biscuit, but also Carb Killa Biscuit is scrumptious high protein, low sugar snack. It can be best choice for biscuit lovers who wants to eat healthy snacks.

More delicious, healtier chocolate-coated treat- sounds a bit unbelievable, doesn’t it? See the nutritional info below and make sure! Like the other products of Carb Killa these biscuits are not full of sugar: with just 0,8g of sugar and 6 g of protein per biscuit, you can enjoy guilt-free chunky biscuits.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100g Per 25g
Energy 1857kJ / 444kcal 464kJ / 111kcal
Fat 21g 5.1g
of which saturates 14g 3.5g
Carbohydrates 45g 11.2g
of which sugars 3.2g 0.8g
Fibre 4.2g 1.1g
Protein 24g 6g
Salt 1.3g 0.33g

Price: AED180.00


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