Healthy Foods for Bodybuilding – The 3 Most Powerful Foods

I’m 100% positive that you’ve gotten the memo on protein, right?

We know that meat, casein and whey provide you with an optimal source of protein. But despite depleting the world’s meat source the truth is you cannot get shredded by protein alone.

In fact, without proper nutrition, you put yourself at risk of breaking down muscle and all the hours you’ve put in the gym goes down the drain. The key is to understand that preventing muscle breakdown is just as important as building muscle.

Healthy foods for bodybuilding encompass a variety of foods. However, I have found 3 foods that give you the benefits of muscle prevention and muscle growth #2 will blow your mind.


#1 Spinach Helps Build Muscle

Made famous by the 1950’s cartoon Popeye who popped a can of spinach when he was in trouble spinach has been scientifically proven to build muscle, speeding up the conversion of protein into muscle mass. Recent studies confirmed that eating 300g of spinach will reduce the amount of oxygen needed to power the muscles by as much as five per cent when exercising

The key element in spinach is Nitric Oxide.If you haven’t already incorporated this into your diet I suggest you do. Nitric oxide is made up one part nitrogen and one part oxygen. Spinach has the ability to dilate the blood vessels, resulting in improved cardiovascular health. Think of it as an anti-cooler for an engine when your body heats, you start to lose energy. The nitrates stop this from happening thus inducing your muscles to work more efficiently.

In fact, one 40g serving is equivalent to a multivitamin. Full of Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium fiber and other vitamins eating spinach post-workout will help restore energy. There is a reason to this and it’s mainly for the fact it’s rich in iron. Iron plays a central role in the function of red blood cells that help transport oxygen throughout the body.

It’s easily available all year around, however, I suggest you always buy it fresh. Not to say it won’t do the trick frozen or canned but if you have the luxury of purchasing it fresh it makes for a tastier meal!

#2 Eggs Maintain Growth and Repair Muscles

If you’re looking for a source of protein that also provides the essential amino acids and vitamins for you to get ripped then look no further, this is EGGS – exactly what you need. If you are on of those bodybuilders that like to throw away the yolks because of its association with so-called high “cholesterol levels” well think again.

Eggs are one of the most complete and versatile foods available. You’ll be surprised to know that an egg contains 6g of quality protein (with the yolk) see – the benefits of eggs in your diet. If you’re worried about high cholesterol when consuming eggs, think otherwise, if anything it has the opposite effect with regard to promoting muscle growth. I know I was shocked when I did my research too.

In fact, Researches conducted a study with 55 healthy men and woman in their 60’s and the results were astounding. Showing that those with higher cholesterol levels built more muscle than those with lower cholesterol levels. If anyone ever tells you that eating too many eggs are bad for your health just flex and your bicep and show them how bad you are.

Your body is made up of nonessential and essential amino acids. In fact, nine amino acids cannot be made by the body and it must be gained through proper nutrition. Eggs contain the eight essential amino acids for building optimal muscle recovery and building valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron.

So for all you muscle heads who are neglecting the egg yolk because of its taste and its struggle between good and bad cholesterol levels, I’m sure after reading this the only thing you’ll be thinking is how many to eat for breakfast!

#3 Water Promotes Hydration and Muscle Efficiency

Water is life and life cannot exist without water. I cannot stress how important it is for you to get plenty of water throughout your diet. Your body cannot make or store water so it’s critical for all parts of the body including your muscles.

A lack of water inhibits sweating which causes the body temperature to rise, ultimately reducing the body’s performance. What this means for you is during your workout you might experience low levels of muscle efficiency as the result of muscle dehydration.

Just remember muscle action happens underwater. Muscle is more than 80 percent protein on a dry weight basis. However, it’s equally important to remember that your muscles aren’t dry. In a living, moving a body, skeletal muscle is more than 70 percent water. All contractions and all of the heavy muscle protein synthesis operations take place underwater, so to speak.

A bodybuilder, in fact, needs more than the average person as a result of an intense workout. You can calculate the amount of water you need to consume each day based on your body composition. The general rule of thumb is (your body weight x 0.5).

In special circumstances, if training intensively you can increase the amount of water you need. I would hate to see you put yourself at risk from not getting enough water in your system. Staying hydrated also prevents you from injury in the gym and aids your immune system to battle any nasty disease.

The source: constructmuscles.com


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