Take The Stairs And Be Healthy

It is fact that most of us prefer using elevator to taking the stairs. We have always tried to ease up our life and therefore ” taking stairs” seems to be challenging and “wasting of time”. But do we know that taking the stairs can help us to burn calories?

How much does it help to take the stairs rather than ride the escalator or elevator? Can a few more flights of stairs each day make a difference for fitness and obesity? Here are some facts on how many calories a 160-pound person burns taking the stairs:

  • 2 calories for one flight of 12 steps, about 0.17 calories per step climbed.
  • 5 calories per minute walking slowly upstairs. These are calories they wouldn’t burn standing on an escalator or taking an elevator.
  • 11 calories per minute climbing stairs at a fast speed.
  • 11 calories per minute on a stairclimber or stair-treadmill
  • 19 calories per minute running up stairs.
  • 4 calories per minute walking down stairs, about the same as walking on flat ground.
  • 1.6 calories per minute standing on an escalator or in an elevator, one-third of the calories expended by taking the stairs at a slow pace.
  • Over the course of a year, you might lose over half a pound if your only lifestyle change was taking the stairs for a minute a day.

Stair climbing challenges more muscles than walking on level ground or standing. You use your gluteus maximus and hamstrings to climb stairs. These muscles extend the hip. To tone your butt, take the stairs. Some fitness trackers count stairs or floors climbed and will reward you with badges and trophies for stair climbing.

So,  dear readers, sometimes  it is advisable to ignore elevator and take the stairs!





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