SALE – Protein Mousse Dessert Abu Dhabi

What is Protein Mousse?

GoNutrition Protein Mousse is a delicious protein-laden dessert containing a blend of high quality protein sources. With over 32g of protein per serving, Protein Mousse is a healthy way to reach your daily protein targets whilst still feeling like you are having a treat. The advanced protein blend of 36% Micellar Casein 85, 31% Whey Protein Concentrate 80 and 8% Calcium Caseinate 90 ensures a tapered release of protein which can help keep blood amino acid levels elevated for up to seven hours. This makes Protein Mousse an ideal snack before fasted periods or before bed to fuel muscle cell recovery and growth whilst helping you feel fuller for longer.

protein chocolate mousse

Why choose GoNutrition Protein Mousse?

Higher Protein Levels Our Protein Mousse has been specifically formulated to deliver higher protein levels than competitor products, providing over 32g of high quality protein per 50g serving.

No Proprietary Blends Unlike competitor products which use proprietary blends to hide the fact they are using low levels of premium ingredients, GoNutrition is the first sports nutrition company to fully declare levels of all active ingredients in it’s formulas, including their percentage inclusions.

Specially developed premium flavours with many competitors compromising quality by using standard ‘in-house’ flavourings for their protein dessert, we have broken the mould by specially developing a range of dessert flavours, to ensure our protein mousse achieves a texture and flavour just like a traditional mousse, without any of the excess calories, sugars and fats.

How good is Protein Mousse?

GoNutrition Protein Mousse has been specially developed with leading food scientists in order to deliver a superior quality, texture and taste. As with all their in-house produced formulas, the ingredients are of the highest quality and are sourced directly from fully audited European suppliers. We perform regular spot-checks and independent product testing to ensure the product you receive is of the highest standards.

Guess what? We have great news for you today, we are currently having a SALE on our protein mousse. Available in both chocolate and strawberry flavors, these delicious high protein, healthy Desserts are just too good to resist.

  • Over 32g of high quality protein per serving
  • Ready to serve in 1-2 mins
  • WAS: AED154.00 Saving: 32%NOW: AED105.00

Order yours today at: wheytrition.com/


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