The Ultimate Protein Trifle

Trifles are an easy dessert to put together, and equally delicious. Needless to say, they usually come with tons of calories. So the natural choice is to avoid them like plague, while on a diet or on a fitness journey. But we don’t think so! Why stay away and punish yourself when you can make this yummilicious protein-packed trifle? It can be put together in a trifle! All you need are a few ingredients, and you end up with a bowl of protein that you can’t et enough of. Who said dieting is hard?

So here goes!

For the base layer, we use a Protein mug cake recipe, which can be found HERE.

For the Mousse layer:

75g Chocolate Mousse by GoNutrition. (Find it on wheytrition)

150 ml milk/ almond milk

75 ml water


25g cream

1/4 cup powdered/icing sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Two tbsp cocoa powder (optional) 


Prepare the base layer as per the recipe. Cut the cake as desired and arrange it at the bottom of the trifle dish or bowl.

For the mousse layer, prepare the mousse using the instructions on the packet. Add some milk along with water. Pour over the cake layer and allow it to set. 

Make the topping by whisking together the ingredients to enough thickness. Leave out the cocoa if you don’t want the trifle to taste too chocolatey.

Your trifle is ready! How easy was that? Add your choice of sprinkles and enjoy your dessert. You can also add another layer of each on top! 

For more yummy snacks with low calories and high protein, visit wheytrition.com.  


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