Burnt Tongues and Taste Buds

All too often, we sip on some extra hot chocolate or bite into super-hot pizza to end up burning our tongue. That’s when most of us remember our taste buds. For a few moments, you may feel like you will never get your taste buds back, which will pass. But it is still an unpleasant and annoying feeling, especially while you had been waiting to devour some yummy food! Here are some interesting facts about burnt tongue, a break from all the nutrition talk!

Medically, burnt tongue is called glossitis. Most burns from hot food and drinks don’t burn off your taste buds, as they only affect a different category of “buds” in uour mouth. However, when the burn is more severe, it can burn the topmost layer of your taste buds, causing you to lose the sense of taste for a while. Mouth injuries heal faster than others, so you can munch on good food again in no time.
Now, why does pizza hurt so much at times? Most of us find it difficult to wait before taking a bite, without realizing that Mozzarella cheese has some great storage capacity for heat, as found by researchers. 

A bit of wait will save you some pain and frustration, next time you are served with hot food or drinks.  Also, why not check the temperature before you dive in? 

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