Commonly Known Nutritional Facts

While we are constantly in search of new ways to stay healthy and maintain weight, we forget the facts we already know- and ignore. Start your diet and fitness plans by incorporating these into your plans, and you are already halfway there!

  • Extra sugar is bad, no matter what. Sugar offers taste, and nothing else. No nutritional benefits are availed from consuming excess sugar. You will only be on a quick trip to diabetes, obesity, and a host of other health issues. 
  • Consume more greens. Yes, they don’t really look appetizing. But they are just as necessary in our diet. Find creative ways to include them in your diet, like drinks and sandwiches.
  • Avoid trans fats at all costs. They are bad for you, so keep track of what you eat and stay away from them.
  • Food isn’t the only source of vitamins and minerals. Get off the couch and out the door and soak up some sunlight for a healthy dose of vitamin D.
  • Diets won’t be very effective if you don’t move around much or exercise. A healthy balance between the two can take you far in your fitness journey.
  • Supplements are what they are- simply additional nutrients that you can’t get from your food. They are never meant to replace your meals. Visit wheytrition.com for high-quality supplements in the UAE.
  • Processed food contain very less nutrients. Hence, it is always best to stick to fresh food and limit factory-made ones, unless you have no other go.
  • Water is the wonder liquid. Drink lots and lots of water, even if you don’t have any immediate plans to get fit or lose weight.

We have covered a few essential facts that are basic for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Comment below to share tips of your own! 


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