The NutriBullet comes to Wheytrition

Including fruits and veggies in diet has never been easier. We are excited to bring you the NutriBullet on wheytrition.com, a powerful compact blender that extracts the last nutrient from fruits and vegetables, giving you wholesome drinks. 
The blender comes with easy-to-carry jars from which you can directly consume your drinks. Fruits, hard nuts, seeds, peels.. The NutriBullet blends it all in a matter of seconds to give you drinks that are packed with essential nutrients, which are otherwise disposed off as skin and seeds. The portable jars and cups allow you to easily store your drinks and carry them on the go. The blender has a sleek design in blue or grey, comes in a set of 8 pieces with all jars and mugs, and can fit in limited space on your kitchen counters. If you feel you need to include more nutrients in your diet, the NutriBullet is your best bet.

The blender comes with a comprehensive user guide and a recipe booklet that has a number of amazing healthy recipes that ate not only easy to make, but are also known to be extremely delicious.  You can take a look at the recipes here.

Avail this golden opportunity and grab one for yourself at just 349 AED on wheytrition.com. We deliver across the UAE and offer a smooth and fast online purchase facility. What are you waiting for!


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