Tips for a Protein-Packed Ramadan

The purpose of fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan is far from losing weight or getting in shape. However, the physical benefits are researched and proven by many, as can be found here. Despite the general reduction in food, you actually become much healthier. The Divine Programming is faultless, and so you can find that every recommended action actually boosts our metabolism and overall health and fitness. Amazingly enough, we lose fat and not muscle, so your muscle strength is maintained. 

For fitness enthusiasts following regular diet and training plans, Ramadan may be a break from your routine. However, you can maintain a good level of protein intake even during those days by including a few products in your pre-dawn meal and Iftar. Here are a few tips for you!

  • Have a protein shake for suhoor or your pre-dawn meal. Not only does it help your muscle, but it will also keep you charged throughout the day. For Goodness Shakes has a range of great protein shakes which is available at wheytrition.com. Buy now.
  • Though nothing can replace the combination of water and dates during iftar, feed yourself with Meal Replacement Products like those from Flapjacked.
  • Have a protein bar when you want to over feed yourself, which is something we all experience during Ramadan. Buy your favorite protein bar at wheytrition today. We love the protein wafer from Novo Nutrition, so do check it out here.

Stay tuned for more Ramadan fitness tips and tricks. Visit our website today to stock up on your favorite products!


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