Clean Greens For A Healthier You

Having lived all my life in the Middle East, which means within the four walls of small apartments in tall buildings, I rarely got a chance to enjoy the pleasures of gardening, unless I was visiting my home country. Watching plants grow gives so much joy, as we are nurturing a life. More than that, being able to grow and consume our own unadulterated food does so much good for our health. But the living style we experience in the UAE does not really allow growing plants within homes. Or does it? I saw this article in Gulf News which grabbed my attention, and I immediately jumped at the idea, being the health freak that I am. Growing greens in my own home? Why not?!

I know what you must be thinking. Like we barely have space for ourselves without adding plants. But how much space does it really take to grow a plant? Buildings seen here have an advantage- the glass windows are huge. If you have a sill for your kitchen window, you have found an amazing space for a tiny green plant or two. 

Your healthy diet should include whole foods, which are better if grown at your own homes. Greens sold in the market are said to be some of the most adulterated food items. Though often we have no choice but to trust our local markets, if the option exists, I suggest growing them yourself as much as you can. 

The same can be said about supplements. No, you can’t grow them but you can choose honest sources for your supplement needs. Though ideally supplements should be made of natural and healthy ingredients, a lot of companies falsely market their apparently healthy products. 

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