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Energy Rocket Ice Lolly
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Energy Rocket Ice Lolly

  • Contains 200mg Of Caffeine
  • Increased Pump, Performance & Focus 
  • 30 Servings 
Price: AED129.00

Naughty Boy Energy Rocket Ice Lolly 390g 

NaughtyBoy® ENERGY powered by VitaCholine®, PureWay-C® & BioPerine®.

NaughtyBoy® ENERGY is an all in one Pre-Workout covering PUMPPerformance and Focus. Each ingredient is clinically dosed and has been specifically chosen to work synergistically.

NaughtyBoy® ENERGY contains 200mg of Caffeine which we believe is the sweet spot. But if you're feeling a little bit NAUGHTY you can always double scoop!

NaughtyBoy® ENERGY is completely transparent and free from any BANNED substances.

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