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Hi Protein Snickers Crisp

Hi Protein Snickers Crisp

  • 20g Protein Per Bar 
  • 218 Kcal Per Bar 
  • Indulgent Taste 

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Hi Protein Snickers Crispy 12 x 55g

A new edition to Snickers Official Protein range has landed - the Chocolate Crisp flavour. Infusing crunchy rice crispies, gooey caramel and salted peanuts; you get a more wafer-like experience compared to the other three Snickers variants.

Authentically produced using the same methods as the non-protein candy, Snickers Crisp Protein certainly has a nutritional profile to brag about.

The 55-gram bars macros include 20-grams of whey protein, 15.4-grams of carbs, less than half the sugar of the confectionary edition and just 218 calories. It's time to get some nuts and protein but with added crispy layers of goodness.

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