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Ufit Crunchers Thai Sweet Chilli

Ufit Crunchers Thai Sweet Chilli

  • Popped Not Fried 
  • 8g Protein Per Pack 
  • Only 157 Kcal Per Pack 
  • High In Fibre 
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • 5 Packs 
Price: AED59.00

Ufit Crunchers Thai Sweet Chilli 5 x 35g 

UFIT Crunchers offer the ultimate high protein and healthy on-the go snack in the form of a delicious high protein popped chip. UFIT Crunchers offers the taste and crunch of traditional crisps but without the unhealthy fats and unwanted calories. These delicious crunchy snacks are bursting with flavour and have been popped instead of fried allowing you to enjoy at any time of the day or night to boost the protein content of your diet and to help you fill the hunger gap with goodness. With no more than 158 calories in each bag, UFIT Crunchers come in 3 tasty flavours – Smokehouse BBQ, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Thai Sweet Chilli flavour.

Just pop one in your bag or grab one at any time during the day for the healthiest, high protein snack!

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