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Hype Bar Hazelnutty

Hype Bar Hazelnutty

  • 18g Protein Per Bar 
  • 1.6g Sugar Per Bar 
  • 189 Calories Per Bar
  • 12 Bars Per Box 
Price: AED119.00

Oatein Hype Hazelnutty Protein Bar 

This delicious milk-choccy dipped bar is wonder-filled with caramel, delicious nutty flavour, almost praline-like! Layered, luxurious a truly decadent tasting caramel experience!! Layers on layers of crispy crunchy pieces, caramel flavour in abundance. 

Containing 18g protein per bar and UNDER 190kcals, super low sugar (under 2g of course)...did we mention these are vegetarian too! Ticking so many boxes Oatein have treated us here folks! Guilt-free snacking at it's finest! 

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