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Hype Bar Chocaholic Vegan

Hype Bar Chocaholic Vegan

  • 18g Protein Per Bar 
  • 0.5g Sugar Per Bar 
  • 192 Calories Per Bar 
  • Vegan 
  • 12 Bars Per Box 
Price: AED119.00

Oatein Hype Chocaholic Chocolate Vegan Protien Bar 

The awesome Oatein Hype VEGAN Chocaholic Chocolate Bars are the first in the line-up of Vegan-friendly Hype bars! This delicious chocolate on chocolate bar is packed with rich cocoa flavour! Layered, luxurious a truly decadent tasting dairy-free chocolate lovers experience, combining crunchy cacao nibs with a satisfying brownie base and an authentic chocolate coating. Rich, yet perfectly balanced not-too-sweet chocolate flavour...this is a winner! 

Containing 18g protein per bar and UNDER 200kcals, super low sugar (under 1g of course)...all delivered plant-based and guilt-free! Believe the PLANT-BASED Hype, guys, ticking so many boxes...Oatein deliver dairy-free snacking at it's finest!

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