Special Ramadan Offers

The most sacred month of the year Ramadan has come. We know that during Ramadan, observant Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is not only about abstaining from food and drink: Muslims must also refrain from smoking, taking oral medications as well as gossip, fighting and lying.
The purpose of fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan is far from losing weight or getting in shape. However, the physical benefits are researched and proven by many, as can be found here. Despite the general reduction in food, you actually become much healthier. The Divine Programming is faultless, and so you can find that every recommended action actually boosts our metabolism and overall health and fitness. Amazingly enough, we lose fat and not muscle, so your muscle strength is maintained.
For fitness enthusiasts, we are excited to announce you that there are lots of special Ramadan offers for our clients. 35%. 40% and 50% and even 67% discounts can surprise you:
Protein Mousse Strawberries& Cream – 67%
Yumm Chocolate Protein Crunches – 50%
Dr Zaks Chipotle Protein Clusters – 50%
Ufit Chocolate Protein Shake- 41%
We can continue the examples. Don’t waste your time! Visit our website and order your favourite one!


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