Endomorph: ” big-boned”

The endomorphic body type is the complete opposite of an ectomorph. This individual will usually be larger in appearance with heavier fat accumulation and little muscle definition. They find it hard to drop the weight even though they try several diets or workout programs.

Common Endomorph Characteristics Include:
• A large amount of fat accumulation
• Often fatigue easily
• Insatiable appetite
• Try various diet and exercise programs to failure
• Cannot seem to drop weight
• Eat larger meals or several smaller sized meals
• Low muscle definition due to adipose tissue
• Larger frame

Notable Endomorphs:
Examples of male endomorphs include:
• Philip Seymour Hoffman
• John Goodman
• Luther Vandross
• Jack Black
• Wayne Knight

Examples of female endomorphs include:
• Jennifer Hudson
• Jennifer Lopez
• Queen Latifah
• Oprah Winfrey
• Beyonce Knowles

Endomorphs Training Tips:
• Train in the 15+ repetition range
• Take 30-45 second rest periods between sets
• Do as much cardio as possible!
• Do compound lifts to burn more calories

Endomorphs Dieting Tips:
• Portion your meals appropriately- 1 fist size equals one serving
• Eat 30-40% carbohydrates
• Eat no processed foods and get whole grains
• Eat tons of vegetables to keep you full
• Drink plenty of water to keep you full
• Don’t flash diet (cut out things cold turkey)
• Divide your daily caloric intake by 5-6 meals
• Take in 200-500 less than your maintenance caloric intake


Source: www.directlyfitness.com


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