The Gym Chef: your right choice.

The Gym Chef Food Company specializes in a range of delicious herbs and spice mixes designed to enhance your healthy eating options.The Gym Chef supplies Macro Friendly seasoning blends and other products that support your diet and fitness goals. People who are serious about their bodies are also serious about their food. The Gym Chef only uses the highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced. The team at The Gym Chef know that trying to eat consistently healthy can sometimes lead bland, flavorless and repetitive meals. However, this need not always be the case, which is why they have come up with their delicious range of flavoring pots. These pots can provide your favorite flavors through incredible mixes of herbs and spices, just without the extra calories.

What makes The Gym Chef Special?

The products of other companies are said to be “diet” but actually, it contains a large amount of salt (sodium) that causes excess water retention. Some food companies are claiming their food is ‘macro friendly’ even when there is a high level of salt content in their product. However, The Chef Gym has its own main priorities which always have been appreciated by customers.
The Gym Chef has a key requirement for everything they sell:

• Must have a low salt content
• No added salt
• No added sugar
• Ingredients that can be understood (no words that people can’t pronounce)

The Gym Chef have had people contact to say they have liver disease and found their seasoning helpful for their liver condition, while another customer was very glad because she overcomes her eating disorder with the help of The Gym Chef products.
The Gym Chef is more than seasoning for gym lovers, it’s more than seasoning for bodybuilders. It’s more than seasoning for chicken and other meats because it’s also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. The Gym Chef is more than a person, it’s more than a company, it’s a movement.


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