More water, become stronger!

Everybody is aware of that 2/3 of the human body consists of water and adults should drink 2 liters of water every day. However, it is known that not all people confine to this standard. It is essential for health, beauty and losing weight, is not it? We cite some proof.

Water is widely regarded as nutrient medium for all cells of the human body. Indeed, water accounts for the large proportion of every organism. For instance, 90 percent of blood, 85 percent of the brain, 75 percent of muscle, 65 percent of liver, 28 percent of bone consist of water.
To be thirsty works for crisis condition- serious dehydration of body and it causes to alarm. Therefore, people should fill the shortage of water not with the demand of organism, it should be permanent, whenever people want to drink or not. Most people drink only 1/3 of daily fluid intake in a day and it causes to develop several ailments. An organism is able to compensate the lack of water individually during three days. In the beginning, organism takes water from cellular fluid, afterward from the  out of cellular and then from blood channel.
If an organism doesn’t get enough amount of fluid, then it starts to work in economical mode. First of all, it tries to supply the most important organs with fluid: kidney and liver, heart, lungs, and brain. For that reason, organism takes immediate liquid from skin, intestines, joint which deprives their opportunities to function normally.
Feeling bad is explained with tiredness, stress or shortage of vitamins and etc. But we don’t know that organism is in need of water. Hence, without water, it is impossible to except full-fledged work of the whole organism.
Moreover, water helps to lose weight and considered to be the key factor in losing weight. Water doesn’t include fat, cholesterin, and calorie and decreases appetite as well as takes part in the processing of fat reserve. If an organism is lack of water, kidneys can’t function normally. Then liver takes their role, but its ability taking part in metabolism decreases. As a result, fat starts storing in organism and people put on weight. Therefore, if people try to lose weight, but don’t drink enough amount of water, the organism will not process properly.
To sum up, if you want to be fit as a fiddle, drink daily water intake!


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