Who is Dr Zak?

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As you know we supply a variety of different quality protein products for our customers here in the UAE. One of the brands we are happy to provide is Dr Zak’s, but who is Dr Zack exactly?

Today we have dedicated this post to sharing some general and important info on exactly that.

When Dr Zak first started down the road of creating high protein foods, his aim was to develop a range of products that fall into two categories. Foods that you would tend to avoid and those that he believes are essential to your fitness programmes. He calls these his “Added Protein” and “Essentials” ranges.

He has come a long way since he first launched his high protein bread back in 2013 and turning his vision into reality would have been impossible without the help and dedication of his trusted team.


Dr Zak Pallikaros – BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Zak has dedicated his life to fitness and muscle-building. He studied Medicinal Chemistry, Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry at City University (London), then went on to obtain a Doctorate degree from the Royal Free Medical School.
His record in this sector speaks for itself with a string of international bodybuilding awards that include:

  • 4 times UKBFF Mr London and South East Champion
  • 2 times NABBA Mr London Champion
  • 4 times IFBB Mr Cyprus Grand Prix Heavyweight and Overall Champion
  • UKBFF British Masters Champion
  • 3 times Jay Cutler Classic Las Vegas Heavyweight and Masters Champion

Dr Zak owns his own gym in North London where he both trains and educates his members in the art of bodybuilding and has been integral to the development of the Dr Zak’s range.

Interests: Bodybuilding and Coaching new potentials.

We are happy to be providing his products to you here in the Gulf region and hope that you can continue to benefit from them.


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