The Shawarma Story- Healthy or Unhealthy? 

Shawarma is the Middle Eastern answer to the American burger. Fast and comfort food packed tightly in Arabic bread, these wraps have crossed international boundaries to become a favorite among local and Expat populations alike. We see increasing number of people grabbing a shawarma, with the hopes that they are consuming something healthier than a burger which has gained enough bad publicity over the years. But deep down, we all know that shawarmas are also pretty unhealthy. Probably the upside is that we get to avoid large chunks of processed meat, unhealthy amounts of mayo and cheese in the process.  

So let’s break down the shawarma. The tiny pieces of meat are shaved off the meat cones we see, which are layered in fat and cooked in more oil and sodium-rich spices. Some places use mayo in shawarmas as well. And then there’s the french fries stuffed in between, which doesn’t really differ from the American version. In short, not the healthiest food out there.

You have probably skimmed fast through the part where I have mentioned that shawarmas are unhealthy. No matter how far from good food it is, we are still going to order one while we are on the go. After all, it is quick, tastes more homely than a burger, and is extremely delicious. 


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