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Jim Buddy

Jim Buddy's Protein Donut Cake Batter

  • Only 160 Calories Per Donut 
  • 14g Protein Per Donut 
  • 10 Donuts Per Box 

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Jim Buddy's Protein Donut - Cake Batter (60g)

Been searching all your life for a truly guilt-free, fresh-baked protein donut but have been left jaded, frustrated, empty-handed and long-faced? DO-Nut worry! Our good friend Jim Buddy has got your back...prepare yourselves, it's a 'hole' new world of ring-shaped protein indulgence!

Offering a healthy take on the classic ring donut, Jim Buddy's Cake Batter flavour Protein Donuts are a soft, sweet sensation, perfected over in Jim Buddy's new US-of-A bakery by Jim's own burly hands and packing a whopping 14g of protein per donut!

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