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Celsius BCAA Wild Strawberries 6 Pack

Celsius BCAA Wild Strawberries 6 Pack

  • 180mg Caffeine Per Can 
  • Zero Sugar 
  • Zero Carbs 
  • 4.1:1 BCAA 

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Celsius has developed a functional BCAA drink for everyone who exercises and has an active life. In collaboration with nutrition experts, we have created a drink with an active dose of 7 g BCAA (4.1: 1) in all our refreshing flavors:

  • Passion fruit
  • Wild Strawberries
  • Elderberry (decaffeinated)

Our muscles consist largely of the branched amino acids (BCAA or branched chain amino acids). This has made it extremely popular among all who train to add body building blocks to the muscles. Celsius BCAA contains just like a regular Celsius vitamins that are good for your energy metabolism as well as reducing your fatigue feelings (B vitamins and C) and the mineral chromium that helps keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Celsius BCAA Passion fruit as well as Smultron also contains invigorating caffeine, guarana and green tea and fits perfectly before exercise or during a pass. Celsius BCAA Elderberry is without caffeine which makes it perfect as a meal drink or when you want to replenish your stores with BCAA without getting into the caffeine. Our BCAA drink is, of course, sugar and carbohydrate-free with natural flavoring and coloring agents.

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