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BSN Syntha 6 Strawberry

BSN Syntha 6 Strawberry

  • 22g of an Ultra-Premium Blended Protein Formula
  • Use Anytime, Day or Night 
  • 10 Grams of Essential Amino Acids Per Serving

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BSN Syntha 6 Strawberry 5LB

Syntha-6 is a premium protein that also features a premium taste. The protein mix of this product is multi-functional and each individual protein used within it has its own digestive rate and unique amino acid profiles. Such a combination provides muscle support for hours in a row as a complete set of proteins are available throughout the day, after the serving.

Syntha 6 manages to improve this premium blend by featuring BCAAs, A2Zorb for increased digestion support, glutamine peptides, MCTs and also needed fatty acids. You should keep in mind that a single serving of Syntha 6 provides you with 5 grams of fiber designed to slow down the digestion process and increase the nutrient uptake.

Syntha 6 is not only able to provide extremely tasty shakes, which are also known as “ridiculously delicious” but it also provides the necessary energetic support for tough training programs and also for a hectic lifestyle.


  • It provides “ridiculously delicious” protein shakes that increase the development of lean muscle
  • It does not leave you bloated nor does it stuff you; you can serve it multiple times per day
  • A.M. – P.M. protein blend – top quality premium proteins and digestive enzymes
  • It comes packed with BCAAs (balance nitrogen levels), Glutamine peptides (for recovery and improvement of the immune system), MCTs (for quick energy) and fiber


  • The “ridiculously delicious” shakes are easily the key towards a high-protein diet that is actually enjoyable
  • Replaces meals completely in terms of nutrients, as it is packed with BCAAs, glutamine, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber
  • The multi-functional mix of proteins is ideal for both A.M. and P.M. users
  • It provides digestive enzymes that promote a complete digestion, protein utilization and as a result, intestinal health
  • It does not provoke bloating or other stomach discomfort
  • Only ultra-premium proteins are used in the formula mix


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