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Cellucor Super HD Water

Cellucor Super HD Water

  • Contains A Blend Of Five Herbal Extracts
  • Seven Days Is All You Need To Go From Lean To Chiseled
  • Put The Finishing Touch On Your Physique 

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Cellucor Super HD Water 14 Servings 


Looking your best on stage or for a special event takes discipline and dedication—something you have both of.  However, thanks to stress, sodium, and physical activity, our body tends to hold onto and retain water.  This causes your hard work in the gym and kitchen to be blurred by a film of water under your skin.  Thanks to SuperHD Water, you can achieve your leanest physique by pulling that water out from under your skin—showcasing that highly defined physique. 


With such a powerful formula, SuperHD Water should only be taken once a day and for no longer than seven consecutive days.  This is due to the formulated product containing extremely strong, clinically studied ingredients that have potent diuretic properties.  These properties temporarily help expel the water found under your skin. 

A very unique blend of five herbal extracts make up this formula, along with vitamin C and potassium which can be lost when urinary output in increased.  SuperHD Water can also be stacked with SuperHD Fire to create a metabolism boosting thermogenic. 


  • Horsetail is a plant that is used to control fluid retention in the body. Supplementing with this extremely effective ingredient will cause an increase in urinary output.
  • Green tea extract is not only considered a diuretic, but also a fat burner. Green tea extract helps boost your metabolism and has antioxidant properties as well that can help improve immune function and cardiovascular health.
  • Juniper berry extract is another beneficial ingredient used to pull water out of the body due to its natural diuretic properties.
  • Crataegus pinnatifida berry extract is used to improve blood flow and cardiac functioning. It is also found to be a very powerful antioxidant.
  • Hibiscus flower extract is included in this formula for its ability to aid in weight loss as well as help improve blood flow.


For over 15 years we have gone to great lengths to bring you the most powerful and most researched products on the market.  Our mission is to ensure you are able to achieve your best self.  Health and fitness is a lifelong journey, and we want to be there with you every step of the way.  Being average simply isn’t in the cards for you—you’re on the path to becoming extraordinary. 


You’ve put in the time.  You’ve suffered in the gym.  You’ve skipped cheat meals.  All that’s left is a small film of water keeping you from revealing the most insane physique you’ve ever achieved.  Seven days is all you need to go from lean to chiseled.  Put the finishing touch on your physique through the help of SuperHD Water. 

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